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Mobile Audio Streaming Endangered By Illegal File-Sharing

The observers of the mobile and entertainment industries, along with the pro-copyright outfits, point out that streaming audio sector might be deeply affected by unauthorized file sharing on mobile phones.


Although the entertainment industry is well-known for making a mountain out of a molehill, it was recently joined by the independent observers. Daniel Ashdown, a research analyst at Juniper Research, confirms that mobile phones users who are now largely sharing copyrighted content through their handsets threaten audio streaming suppliers who will soon find it very hard to sell their legitimate material. This is a mere indication of the fact that users really share copyrighted content illegally through torrents, which undoubtedly facilitates the unauthorized file-sharing through the mobile network.

In other words, P2P networks are blamed for increasing piracy everywhere, even in mobile networks. Daniel Ashdown believes that it is most likely just a matter of time until right owners begin complaining about great losses in this sector. This will lead to a launch of an aggressive campaign against mobile file-sharers, particularly after the warnings of researchers like himself about this trend like a great threat requiring a prompt and harsh anti-piracy response.

Ashdown works for Juniper Research, which has recently revealed the results of a survey indicating that peer-to-peer file-sharing has started its migration to the mobile industry. The main reason for the developing piracy is BitTorrent applications becoming available on Android Market. Now the owners of mobile phones may also be targeted by mass copyright lawsuits and disconnected from the mobile Internet if caught infringing.

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