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NFC enabled Phones

Samsung’s Nexus S, the first NFC-enabled Android phone, is already on sale; Nokia has announced that all of its smartphones, starting in 2011, will support NFC; and Apple recently hired a NFC expert. Jeff Miles, the director of mobile transactions worldwide at NXP Semiconductors, which co-invented NFC with Sony in 2002, says he expects more than 70 million NFC-capable handsets to be manufactured in 2011.

Well, on Angry Birds Magic game only five levels are playable as normal. After finishing the fifth level, the user will need find a friend or random person with a NFC-enabled phone, by only touch of the other NFC phone user will be able to unlock next five levels. One friend will unlock five more levels, a second an additional five, and the third will unlock the five remaining levels. If you don’t have a friend with a NFC-enabled phone, Rovio and Nokia are asking users to find NFC tags, which could be embedded in any item or object.

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