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Palm Pad

If any OS was built for tablet use, it’s webOS, and if any company can build a legitimate and affordable competitor to the Apple iPad, it’s HP and Palm. No Android or Windows 7 tablet has demonstrated the capability to match the iPad feature-for-feature. That tall order will fall on the PalmPad.

As you may know, HP has filed the application for the PalmPad trademark, which is obviously a sign that HP is planning tablet devices based on Palm’s webOS. Now, it is said that HP is going to use a dual-mode multitouch display on the PalmPad. The display basically combines a Wacom active digitizer with a finger-friendly multitouch capacitive layer allowing users to user their fingerprint or a special stylus pen when they need accurate drawing and text entry.
No details and official words of HP’s PalmPad are available yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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