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Run Turbo C in full screen mode in Windows 7(a simple n common trick)

Before reading Read dis:Hey Guys u might b knowing this trick......but it doesnt means that if u know dis trick den all d people might b knowing plss dont scold me dat i m posting such a simple trick.....this is for all those people who are not aware of this trick.....though there are many other tricks also to run Turbo C in full screen mode.....but dis is the simplest one....

Assuming turbo C is in folder c:\tc I found that by
1. put mouse over tc.exe in the c:\tc\bin folder and right button click
2. click on properties
3. click Run this program in compatibility mode for
4. in the drop down menu select Windows 98/Windows ME

put c:\tc\bin on the path, e.g.

and it compiles, links and runs programs OK

did not try graphics though!

I would recommend switching to a modern compiler and IDE such as Code::Blocks

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