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Windows 8 To Include 3D Support?


According to a recent report from Windows8Italia, Windows 8 will include native support for 3D monitors. They’ve reported that after installing and running Windows 8 Build 7955 they’ve discovered that Microsoft has built in native support for 3D monitors into its latest OS
They found references to 3D transitions in the OS which would be similar to the “tilt” feature found in Windows Phone 7. 3D monitors are still very rare and I feel it will be a while before they actually catch on but Microsoft is clearly thinking ahead here.
However I still have some slight reservations about this. I’m not sure whether or not those “3D Transitions” are just 3D ones like what we already have with the aero flip function on Windows 7 (windows key +tab) or if they will be true 3D transitions that literally jump out at you. The report is rather unclear from this perspective and merely states “Native Support for 3D monitors” so I’m not completely sold on this.
Other things the report mentions include some other features they stumbled upon. They found references to a Windows Store which allows licenses to be synchronised across computers and devices. The Windows Store is apparently written in HTML which means it will be accessible via a browser, but at the moment it’s only accessible to those permitted by Microsoft.
A couple of other little features they discovered include support for hyphenation dictionaries, a SmartScreen feature for Windows explorer, the ability to synchronise passwords and credentials across computers , support for mobile networks as well as the ability to suspend and resume processes in task manager.
Most of these we’ve already covered here and Windows 8 News so there’s not a whole lot new there on that front.
It will be interesting to see how much of these features actually come to light, we actually posted on the latest Build 7989 the other day with more in it.
What do you think about 3D support? Will it be needed? Will it even be in Windows 8?

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