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why C programming is used in Making viruses:


'C' programming language is very strong language though it does not include Object Orient Concepts,though 'C' language uses the concept of pointers in it and many people sometime says that it is an insecure language because in  'C' language address can be accessed easily therefore now a days it not an widely used language in developing applications.

Though there are a lot of disadvantages in 'C ' programming in language but still it is existing and even today also many applications are developed in 'C' language, after 'C' many languages have been introduced like java  and C# that obsoletes the concepts of Pointers though not totally because if pointers concept is totally removed then the programming functionality  remains limited.

Today many applications are using  Object oriented 'C' in making applications like android operating systems and blackberry operating systems.

What a virus wants?

The basic need of any virus is that it is able to access those resources of the system that cannot be easily accessed by the users. Viruses are built in C languages because they provide the functionality of accessing the addresses ,and hence those resources that cannot be easily accessed.

Now to remove the viruses from the systems a technology is needed that is able to access the address of the system resources and this functionality is provided by the 'C' language. So now a days most of the modules of antiviruses are developed in C alnguage so that it can remove the viruses from the system.

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