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No Charges For Facebook Usage.......

The ongoing thread that Facebook will soon begin charging for their site doesn’t appear to be slowing. The other night I was having dinner with a family friend who told me about a scoop he had that Facebook would soon begin charging for the site and proceeded to explain why he would pay. While it’s great that Facebook has provided value to his life and millions of others, the company will not charge users to access the site.

Just two weeks ago we wrote that Facebook will not charge users, however millions of users continue to be deceived. One Facebook group, “300,000 MEMBERS NEEDED TO STOP FACEBOOK FROM CHARGING £/$14.99 A MONTH”, has successfully attracted over 474,000 users. Another group claims Facebook will begin charging on July 1st, but it’s a flat out lie used as a way to drive thousands of users to the group.
While Facebook has systematically shut down groups spreading this false information one at a time, I’d expect the company to create a filter to prevent these groups from being created in the first place. As I wrote in December, “Facebook didn’t become the most popular site in the U.S. on Christmas by charging for their service, and they aren’t going to become the largest site in the world by charging for their service.”
This is an ongoing rumor which Facebook continues to deny, stating that their service is ad supported. To all the users who think Facebook will start charging for their service, this article is for you. It never happened before, and while Facebook could generate billions by charging for their site, it’s not going to happen. All the groups stating that Facebook will charge are nothing more than flat out lies.

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