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Artificial intelligence in smartphones and tablets

The world’s technology giants such as IntelIBMHewlett-PackardGoogleApple and several other companies began a new race where the goal is to create artificial intelligence in devices such as smartphones and tablets. The results can reach the ultimate consumer within five years.
It is a remarkable growth in the marketing of gadgets that enable its users to stay connected full time. With faster processors and more powerful hardware, these products are likely to perform complex activities of artificial intelligence. In addition, wireless networks, becoming faster, also help provide applications for mobile devices AI.
Some companies, of course, have noticed the trend in technological development efforts and begin to apply this new demand, this new market.
According to the BusinessWeek site, IBM has developed a machine called Watson, who is able to answer complex questions in five seconds, using a database with terabytes of information.
Dave Ferrucci, leader of IBM’s research suggests that a bundled version of Watson can be used in tablet PCs or mobile devices in doctors’ offices, or to analyze market data in real time and make suggestions and recommendations on how to manage the stock portfolio and investments, to name a few.

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