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Beware while using keyloggers

Beware While Using Keyloggers:

Hi Guys this is my another post on the use of keyloggers , In this I'd Like to tell u about the pros and cons of using keyloggers , I hope 80% of people reading this post might be familier with keyloggers, but for those who are not , Let me Give all of u a brief

description about Keyloggers.

What are Keyloggers ?

Keylogger is a tool that keeps track of all the activities of your System , It continiously records all the key strokes and sometimes screen shots of your system, this continious monitoring of the system make keyloggers a very important tool.

Why Keyloggers are treated as Virus by Antiviruses ?

As we all know that keyloggers keeps track of your system's keystrokes and saves them in a particular log file , so people generally use this tool for stealing some data by installing this tool on clients machine without being noticed by the client. so This software is treated as virus by antiviruses as it can harm your system's confidentiality. So if u want to install keylogger in your system u r bound to deactivate your antivirus. However there are some other alternatives also that can help u keeping a keylogger in your system without deactivating antivirus

How to keep Keylogger in your system without disabling antivirus ?

This is not any tedious job , you just need to change some of the antivirus definition so that it can allow keylogger to stay in your system.This may vary from antivirus to antivirus , so u need to find out the section of your antivirus where you can allow the keylogger's in your system.

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