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Apple uncovers 128 GB iPad ( Double the existing storage )

Apple uncovers a new iPad range with double the storage capacity as the current model in order to compete with companies that have large amounts of data.

Apple's new iPad range will have a storage capacity of 128 gigabytes as compared with the existing model, which comes with different memory ranges but has a maximum of 64 GB's.

Having doubled the capacity and an unmatched selection of over 300,000 native apple iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more legitimate reasons to use iPad 4 all their business and personal uses," says Apple senior VP of marketing Philip Schiller recently.

Apple targeted various web app. developers who said  that the additional capacity would allow businesses to better serve clients in conceptual design, music and sports strategy.

Apple's ready to expand its iPad following comes as they faces tough questions from Wall Street over its growth and success.

Company shares lost about 12 per cent of their  market value previous week after the company reported their earnings that showed smaller profit margins and smaller anticipated growth than expected.

The new iPad model will go on sale on February 5, with a suggested price of $799 for the iPad with Wi-Fi capacity and $929 for iPad with Wi-Fi and Cellular capacity.

Apple shares were 1.1 per cent higher in early trading.

People are desperately looking forward to this enhanced apple ipad and so am I.... Lets see weather this ipad can live up to their expectations or not.

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