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Things you need to consider before buying apple iPhone 7

Hey, Guys all you need to know about iPhone 7 release date, news and features
Welcome to the iPhone 7 - Apple's latest flagship smartphone, with upgraded cameras, water resistance, stereo speakers and a longer battery life.

Tim Cook went to the stage and said: "We have created the world's most attractive and advanced smartphone - the best iPhone we have ever created. This is iPhone 7"
Obviously They would say that, but we'll give you some idea and let you make up your mind as you read through all the newly intruduced features below:

Everything that you need to know about the iPhone 7 release date

What is iPhone 7 Price ?

It's price starts at $649 for the 32GB model. If you need some more storage, you'll need to invest more ie. $749 (£699, AU$1,229) - which is the same cost as the 64GB iPhone 6S when it was launched.

Even more storage in iPhone 7 with a new 256GB of storage - giving you huge storage space.It actually follows the same pricing structure as the iPhone 6S when it was launched back in September 2015, This price actually seems to be a bit high, as there are not much features introduced in iPhone7.

2) Something about iPhone 7 design ?

The iPhone 7 is just as sleek and slim as its earlier phones, with the popular rounded design returning for a third instalment with the same. It looks very much like iPhone 6S. It's lighter though at 138g, down from 143g on the 6S. 4gms less that its previous version. It is designed such as to make it dust resistant, and even more shiny.

Camera bump is a bit high, that we did'nt like much, It is moulded from the aluminium frame.

If we talk about the colors of phone, It comes with same colors as the iPhone 6, with intruduction of extra new colors, aluminium jet black and matte-finish Black, the latter option also features a black Apple logo on its rear. However space gray option is dead, as it was not that popular as the other ones.
Apple has also built into the design of the iPhone 7 is stereo speakers, with one at the top and one at the base of the handset. That will give you louder, and clearer audio, which is a great addition to this feature.

3) iPhone 7 headphone jack

Well, There are no headphone jack in this addition of iPhone, Most of the people will believe that this is actually not a good change, but you can still use your old headphones as there is one converter for usinf standard headphones, However these is a pair of airPods available at some extra cost, that is clearly a great innovation to the phone, but at the same time risk of loosing the airPods is much higher as compared to ear Phones.

4)How is iPhone 7 camera ?

Apple has overhauled its camera tech for the iPhone 7, bringing in a brand new 12MP sensor on the rear and upping the front-facing snapper from 5MP to a 7MP Facetime HD offering. The larger iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual-camera setup, but this is the iPhone 7 page, so we're focusing on that phone here. The iPhone 7 has a completely new camera system, and gains OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), something the iPhone 6S missed out on but which the 6S Plus boasted.The wide-aperture lens on the back lets in 50% more light, and it's 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient. There's a six-element lens and the two-tone flash now has four LEDs for 50% more light and a 50% further reach. It also features a flicker sensor for artificial light, for better picture results.
Apple has also increased the camera's smarts behind the scenes, with the snapper adapting even better to the environment to automatically adjust settings for the best possible result.

How is iPhone 7 battery ?

Apple quotes 40 hours of wireless audio playback and 13 hours of wireless audio. That is awsome. Battery seems to be quite good, Lets see how it actually performs.

How is iPhone 7 display ?

Apple has stuck to the same screen size and resolution from the previous 6S for the iPhone 7 - so at first look there's not much to report.

The biggest takeaway from Apple sticking with the same screen size and resolution is it's not prepared to jump onto to mobile VR bandwagon. To be fair the Retina display is still very good, but if you fancy a full HD resolution take a gander at iPhone 7 Plus.

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