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Google pixel price in india : specifications and other details : All you need to know about google pixel

GOOGLE on 5th of October 2016 unveils a smart phone named Pixel which is starting at $649, Main highlight of this phone is that it is the first ever smart phone made entirely by google. Here at technorants point we will try to give you all a brief about the phone's unique specifications and other details step by step.

1) Whats interesting in Google's Pixel ?

Google's new PIXEL phone resembles the Apple's iPhone, Seems like they want to give a very  tough competition to there newly launched device, The five inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL sizes are meant to be the best, most unified and most powerful, Android phones ever. They have best specifications, best-in-class design, and best in everything that a user desires for. And for the first time, Google owns the A to Z thing, like from hardware to software.

If you ever had a smart phone, No matter how good it was or is, We can bet, that you did'nt had the best of those, because the best one is just now launched named PIXEL by google, Earlier one of the most successfull phone by google was Nexus 5, But this if you get, you will have phone of your life.

2) What is the price range of Google Pixel ?

Pixes devices are available at almost same price ranges as the iphone 7 devices, This shows how tough competition it is giving to iPhone 7 series. This phone will be available in two sizes, mainly 5 inch (the smaller one) and 5.5 inch (The larger one Pixel XL)

Price range in US: 649$ to 769$
Price Range in India (Once Launched): 57000 - 62000 Rs

For its specifications and features, this price seems to be a decent one and value for money.

What are the specifications and features of Pixel ?

The Pixel provides a 1080p screen, and you’ll get 1440 x 2160 from the larger one(XL). Both supports Snapdragon 821 processors, Highly responsive fingerprint sensors on the back, 4GB of RAM, 32 or 128GB of storage, and a decent battery. Available in three delightfully named colors: Really Blue, Quite Black and Very Silver . Both phones are sturdy and solid, But the looks are really impressive as you get a premium feeling once you get this phone in your hands.

Google pixel is running Android Noughat 7.1, Its so new that its update is not available yet.

Main spotlight of Google Pixel:

The main spotlight of the phone is here, Whatever you talk about, Google is still a software company and hence they gave there best to compete with apple's siri by providing Google Assistant, Yes friends this is the first phone to have the Google Assistant built in it. Google Now is no more available in this phone, It’s a core piece of the phone, and is available everywhere just like the way Siri is embedded on the iPhone.

And yes we can say that the Assistant is the future of Google. It’s the Google's brain, Well to use it you can hit that home button, or say “OK Google.” This is the spotlight feature here. This is one more area where google tried to give a very tough competion to apple.

The new Pixel phones are available for pre order from today, and they will start shipping later this month. If you’ve always loved Android but want a total new and amazing experience, This phone is for you, Just order this phone today and enjoy.

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