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Apple iphone 8 to be launched in 2017: Specifications release date price all you need to know

Apple launched its iPhone 7 a few months ago, but many eyes are already looking towards the upcoming model, the iPhone 8, which is expected to be Apple's biggest launch ever.


The iPhone 7 that was released in September with only some of the iterative updates that was not actually liked by apple users and other apple fans. Now Many Apple fans are already looking ahead to the iPhone 8 that is to be launched this year ie. 2017.

This is to inform you that, 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the apple iPhone , which was first announced by Steve Jobs on 9 January 2007(indeed a remarkable year). and released later that year on June 29.

With all the people waiting for the device to launched soon, rumour has it that Apple has been hiding back some of its best features for this year's model - which many obviously expect to be called the iPhone 8 .

We've assembled up all the latest rumours and leaks so far in the market, so if you're unimpressed by the iPhone seven features. You will know what you can expect from iphone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Expected Features

Edge to edge display ( Described Below)
OLED Display
Faster A12 Processor (As A11 is coming in iPhone 7s )
Glass Body
No Physical Home Button
Wireless Charging
4K Display

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications

Apple is planning to bring something very Unique and Efficient like never ever before. As per rumors, Apple is working on 10 very Different Prototypes. It may be very early to clearly suggest what is going to come out when it is actually launched. So there is a plenty of time left for iPhone 8.  Apple has been known for the quality of the strong hardware they provide in iPhone’s. I don’t think that any other companies can compete in terms of the kind of hardware provided in the iPhone 8.  Moving forward below are the specs that are expected to be featured in iPhone 8.

Rumors suggests that the brand may come up with a Radical Re-Design with the shape of edge to edge display. Now this means, that there will be No Bezels, not even on the top or bottom or on the edges.
Its display is rumoured to be Home to Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor and a cool Selfie Shooter. If we are talk about revolution, the Apple might soon get rid of a home button. This can be possible with embedding a camera and a touch ID system directly into the screen. Jony Ive always has been passionate about making iPhone that will consist of a single glass sheet. Moreover, for the wireless charging system, glass is essential! But for now we may only see a hint of glass in the body and the base will most probably be metallic.
The idea of the Edge to Edge Display looks valid. But we are not confirmed if the display size will surpass traditional range or the size of iPhone will be reduced to go with the screen. Most likely, we will see iPhone 8 with a 5.5 inch or a slightly larger display screen. Apple will use latest flexible OLED technology instead of LCD, that is necessary for enhanced contrast ratio and vibrant colors.


There is a lot of possibility that Apple would be trying to bring the edge to edge display in iPhone 8. So this would be a kind of revolution in smartphone’s display’s.

I don’t know about you, but I fell hard for glass body that was used in iPhone 4. So after the Jet Black addition, It is highly predictable that Apple will come up with at least one model with glass body, as Catcher Technology has claimed.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, if there will be a use of glass, that will be around stainless steel or aluminum framework.


Speed and efficiency are the words that will define iPhone 8, thanks to a 10-nanometer A12 chip. Rumors also suggest that newer flagship will come up with the long range wireless charging system. There will be biometric additions of facial or iris scanning. As for the dual lens camera, both lenses will have a feature of Optical Image Stabilization!

Quality always comes with a price. That’s why OLED iPhone 8 will be sold as the premium model. Apple is also planning to launch models with flat display (4.7″, 5″ & 5.5″). Although the estimations may look fancy and charming, still we don’t have confirmation for any of them! We can’t tell anything exactly about sizes, materials or configurations but history is a proof that our estimation has never ditched us or you!

We can conclude one thing,
Apple will show up with Three Glass Models. The unit with OLED Display will be ranked as the premium version with the Bezel-Less screen. The brand will also launch 4.7  and 5.5 inch iPhones with the aluminum body!

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