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Apple iPhone 8 price release and launch date in India with specifications

Apple company is supersizing the new iPhone 8. There are numerous case leaks and dummy units available till date and all point that there will be a 1.1-inch jump from the iPhone 7’s 4.7-inch display to 5.8-inches display. So, now apple's own software has confirmed that this hoax is actually true.

In fact the new iPhone 8's display will be the biggest smartphone display Apple has ever made, bigger even than the 5.5-inch display in the iPhone 7 Plus. And despite this it will be physically very closer to its smaller model, That sonds to be a good achievement. It also suggests that if Apple were to release an iphone model having edge to edge display in future that display could be closer to 7.5 inches.

With all the specifications Apple iphone 8 looks to be a very interesting phone, but its price range looks a bit on the higher side in India. In my opinion iphone 8 is a good phone but not value for money, Rest all we will see, when its actually launched.

Rumored release Date: Oct 2017

Following the specifications that are available with us till date: (Subjected to change)

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