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How is Sunbeam Gultekdi Pune for CDAC

Once you have got a decent rank in CCAT exam, Most confusing question for students is, which center to join, I have seen mostly people getting confused between Sunbeam pune, ACTS Pune and Banglore ACTS.

In this article I'll try to highlight some points on "why you should join Sunbeam Pune Gultekdi", And I hope that will help you in making a correct choice

Well, As we all know, Sunbeam Gultekdi is the 2nd best option after ACTS Pune. But in CDAC I guess center doesn't matter most as all centers have common placement.

And about a year gap, you can tell the truth like due to which subject you had gap. If asked, tell them what efforts you took to clear them and how that experience can help you in future. If you have ability to learn from failure too, it might turn out as one good skill. All depends on how well you prepare to answer this question.

Remember one thing, If you are learned enough to make yourself sellable in terms of skillset, expertise then there are a lot of jobs for you out there. Consider doing your best over there. It's gonna be very hard 6-month period with a lot of lectures and assignments without any single holiday. Make the most out of it. Forget that you have a gap and all. Think about it when you are about to complete the course.

Their daily schedule is not so hectic as compared to other institutes but its worth to go for. They have the best faculties so no need to worry about this too. Now, coming to placement part, it's common for all Pune region centers but Sunbeam Gultekdi students get placed so early because they were taught from basics during course and companies focus more on basic understanding of language whether it be Java, C++, .Net, SQL etc. Their past placement records are very good. I remember, during my time, more than 50 students got placed within 2 days.

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  1. How to get admission in CDAC?? Is there any exam I have to clear ?