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How to Fix Disabled ad-servings. Valuable inventory: Templated page Google Adsense

How to Fix Disabled ad-servings. Valuable inventory: Templated page

How to Fix Disabled ad-servings. Valuable inventory: Templated page

Now a days, Many people are getting this message from google on their google adsense account, And their websites are having limited ads, Due to which google is not displaying any advertisements on their websites. 

So the Question is How to fix these ads errors ?

Well, One thing is sure, If you are getting these errors from google, means that you have done something wrong on your website. 

1) Determine any recent changes on your website. 

Many times this may happen, that your recent post may have any such content, that is voilating adsense policies. Or Your post may contain some script, that is continiously executing some process on your website, which google bot has supected an error. 

2) Check Your website Template: 

Many times this happens, that website template that you are using, is causing the issue, Make Sure that Template that you are using, have been modified fully, and no by default items are present on page, that add no value to page. For Example URL Links with # as target. In case you have those links intentionally, then redirect them to another page, with some proper message Like "Under construction and we will get back soon"

3) Find out Exact cause: 

This probably is most difficult task, As for this you need to talk to google adsense team, Adsense do not have any support email, on which you can Query your Questions. For this you can make use of Twitter and Leave a tweet to @Adsense Team on Twitter, If you are lucky you might find a response from the team.

4) Original Content:

Make sure that you are writing original content on your website, and is not copied from any where. Do not try to tweak any content like grammer changes, because Google adsense is 1000 times smarter then you.
Also, You need to have Images also non copyrighted, In case you are using copyright images, then Google will find it and block your adsense account. 

Please note, that google is very smart these days, you need to very carefull, while posting content. 


  1. This issue on my website check please and reply sir Valuable inventory: Templated page
    As stated in our Program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages or apps with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made. This includes but is not limited to mirroring or framing content from other sources without adding value.

    For more information, please review the following resources:

    Policy tips for creating high quality sites (part 1)
    Policy tips for creating high quality sites (part 2)
    Webmaster quality guidelines
    AdSense program policies

    my website

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