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What is VPN ? How to use it with Mobile and PC

Today we will talk about what is VPN? And how to use VPN in Mobile & Computer? Why are all VPNs used? You must have seen that there are many websites in the internet, which are blocked in some countries. In such a case, if you want to access those block websites. So you have to use VPN for this.

1. For this you will have to use Opera Browser. Download and install it in PC.
You must have heard that our neighbor China has Ben on Facebook. If you want to stay in China and run Facebook, then you will need a VPN for this. After which you can easily run Facebook?

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What is VPN?
The first of all is the full-fledged virtual private network of VPNs. As its name suggests, it is a private network. Which is mostly used by online working traders, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations. So that they can keep their important data from unauthorized users. VPN protects all types of data.

How does VPN work?
When we connect our device with VPN, then that device works like a local network and whenever we put a website in our phone's browser and search it which is block in our country then VPN will do its work Starts And sends the user's request to that blocked website's server via VPN, and then shows all the content and information of the website from the user's device. When you stay in one country and connect to the VPN of another country, then that work is done. through tunneling and it is very easy to do , Since that website is not a block in the country that is in our country, then you connect to the VPN there and then a network connection is made between that VPN and your VPN. Which remains encrypted. Which means, no one can steal personal detail from that network and then you can access the website through that VPN.

Benefits of VPN
The first advantage is that you can open any block website from it.
You can change the location of your country, like if there is a Facebook block in China, then people of China can use Facebook by changing their country location from VPN.
In the internet, you get VPN service free and paid as well. You can also use VPN service for free, there are many apps in the Google Play Store that offer VPN service for free. When you use VPN service, all connection is encrypted, so you can avoid hacker by using this service.

Loss of VPN
Many people believe that no one can catch them by using VPN, but this wrong you cannot completely hide yourself because your data is present in the VPN server.
Many free VPN services can also misuse your data because they have complete details of what you have accessed.
The biggest disadvantage of VPN is that by using it, hackers are able to hide their identity to some extent.

If you are running internet using VPN then you will get slow speed because another server gets connected between you and Google which we call VPN server.
What are the disadvantages and advantages of Free VPN?
You do not need to pay some money in Free VPN, that is, you can use whatever feature you get in it for free.
If you want to use any block website, you can use free VPN.

You will have ADS shows in Free VPN or you can use only a limited bandwidth.
If your data is highly confidential, then it is not right to use Free VPN because the company providing VPN can share your data with other people.

What are the benefits of Paid VPN?
Your data is completely safe, If you Buy a VPN, Never use free version, You might get Hacked !!!
The Paid VPN service company does not share any of your data with anyone.
In Paid VPN service you will get many more features with unlimited bandwidth.

How to use VPN on mobile?
Now we will talk about how to use VPN on mobile? For this, follow the steps given below. After which you can easily use VPN.

1. For this, all of you have to take the initiative to download an app from Play Store on mobile.

2. Now open the app and click on the country where you want to connect the server.

3. Now you have to click on Connect.

4. Now your VPN Connect will be done.

5. Now you open a website that blocks there where you live.

* If you use Samsung's phone. So you get Samsung Max App in it, in which you can also save your DATA and can also use VPN.

How to use VPN on computer?
If you want to use VPN in your computer, then you can easily do it. You can also access the block website in the computer.

1. Everyone has to use Chrome Browser for this.

1. For this you will have to use Opera Browser. Download and install it in PC.

2. Now you have to go to Chrome Web Store and do Touch VPN Search in Extensions.

3. Now you have to click on Add To Chrome.

4. Now you have to click on VPN Icon above to access VPN.

5. Now you have to select the location of the server.

6. Now you can click on Connect to use VPN in Free.

7. Now you open a website that blocks where you live.


1. For this you will have to use Opera Browser. Download and install it in PC. 4. After enabling VPN you can use it in Free.

2. Now you have to go to its Advance setting.

3. In this, you get the option to enable VPN.

5. Now you open a website that blocks there where you live.

We have to go here what is VPN? And how to use VPN in Mobile & Computer? You can access any block site and keep your data safe. If you have learned some lessons from our post, then you must share this post on social media.

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