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Unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time - Adsense Fix

 Unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time - Adsense Fix

 Unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time - Adsense Fix 

If you have got this message from Adsense, After applying for adsense on your website, Then 100% sure that it's not an error, You must have done something wrong, But many times, you won't get to know, like what went wrong. And You end in applying for adsense once again, and get rejected by adsense again and again, That creates a negative impact on google adsense as far as you website is concerned. 

Things to do if you are getting this message:

1) Don't Panic 
2) Don't resubmit, without doing any changes to your website
3) Relax and Read Below Tips, How to identify what went wrong,.

What went Wrong ? Why you got this message from Google:

Gone are those days, when you website would get approved easily by google bot. Now a days, Your website gets reviewed manually by adsense team.
Below point might be helpful in knowing what went wrong.

It is very important to have quality in a blog post for high ranking. Here high quality does not mean quantity. No matter how big a post or article is, but it does not have quality, it is useless. Here we are talking about what is High Quality Content kya?

High quality content means that is easily understood by both the reader and the search engine.

A Quality Content is that -
  • Be simple
  • Be SEO Friendly
  • Use the right place for the right keywords
  • Language should be easy
  • Content Unique Be something special
  • Be solution or informative

1. Research

It is very important to do research before ever writing a post. With Reseach, your target will be clear what kind of content you have to write and how to present it. So that it gets 1st ranking in Search Engine.

Find out from the Internet what people are currently searching to get a good topic.
Research related Keyword from that topic
See if there is any advertisement on the keywords of that topic.
How many people are searching from where

2. Choose SEO Friendly Title

On Google, users click on the title and meta description of your blog post. So you have to write an Eye-Catchy Title. The title and meta description of the post or article also influence SEO.

The better title you write, the higher the click rate is.

For Quality Content for SEO you always have to choose the best title. Use a power word in title like- powerful, ultimate, fast, quick, extreme, good etc. Avoid using stop words in the title.

3. Standard Formate Writing

There is a standard format for writing any post. Your content question should be the solution. The same should be written in each heading. Everything should be written in a heading.

4. Use Keywords in Content

You should use the right place in the right post by researching related keywords of your topic. Winning the keywords in the content will be used in a better way, the quality of content will be better, which increases the chances of ranking.

Always use keywords in meta description so that SEO is boosted.

5. Use Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keyword is the keywords that a users search in search engine together like - "How to write High Quality Content for blog."

6. Do On-Page SEO

On Page SEO means doing proper SEO for the post you are writing. Low quality content leads to on-page SEO. For example - writing meta description, URL of post, page title, Image Alt Tags etc.

You can use or SEO Analyzer to check your content's On-Page SEO Score and content quality score.

Conclusion By Author: 

Instead of writing too long and too many articles, write a quality article. This will bring more traffic to your blog and will increase the domain score. There are also many quality content writers available on the internet who can write content by paying money. My personal suggestion is that you write on your own so that your quality content writing is improved.

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