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When we will have corona virus vaccine ? United states Report

Why is the coronovirus vaccine important? 

The virus spreads easily and most of the world's population is still sensitive to it. A vaccine will provide some protection by training people's immune systems to fight the virus so that they don't get sick.

This allows the lockdown to be lifted more safely, and the social comfort will be relaxed. What kind of progress is being made?

Research is taking place at breakneck speed.

Around 80 groups worldwide are researching vaccines and some are now entering clinical trials.

The first human test for a vaccine was announced last month by scientists in Seattle. Unusually, they are abandoning any animal research to test their safety or effectiveness. At Oxford, the first human trials in Europe have begun with over 800 recruits - half will receive the Covid-19 vaccine and the rest a control vaccine that protects against meningitis but the coronavirus pharmaceutical giants Sanofi and GSK teamed up to develop a vaccine Australian scientists have begun injecting ferrets with two possible vaccines.

This is the first comprehensive clinical trial involving animals, and researchers hope to test humans by the end of April, however, no one knows how effective any of these vaccines will be.

When will we have a coronavirus vaccine? 

A vaccine would normally take decades to develop, not decades.

Researchers hope to be able to work in only a few months.

Most experts believe that a vaccine, officially known as SAR-COV-2, is likely to be available by 2022, approximately 12–18 months after the new virus.

This will be a great scientific might and there is no guarantee that it will work.

Four coronaviruses already roam humans. They cause common cold symptoms and we do not have vaccines for any of them.

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