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How New zealand is able to beat Corona Virus ?

Life has returned to normal in New Zealand after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern removed all domestic restrictions imposed under the lockdown.

Currently, New Zealand has no active case of COVID-19.
New Zealand took off all coronavirus restrictions, while most parts of the world are still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. On June 8, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the country has eliminated the spread of the novel coronavirus, becoming the first country to return to normality after the outbreak. For most part, life is back to normal. There is no limits on people in cafes, malls, stadiums, clubs or any public places. However many offices and businesses still have hand sanitisers even though it is not mandatory any more.

5 Major points, Why they were Successful :

The lockdown was swift and tough
The rules were communicated effectively
The country ramped up its testing capacity
Geography was an advantage
It followed the pandemic guidebook properly

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