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Know why 2020 has been the year of privacy engineering for canada, What Importance does it have for canada ?

Know why 2020 has been the year of privacy engineering for Canada, what does it mean for Canada? 

Privacy, implemented in 2018 by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has been transformed from concept to reality. 

Since then, more than 40 privacy laws have been enacted worldwide. And that lawyer Vanessa Henry, Fusken's associate, makes implications for businesses. Privacy violations can be costly. 

In 2020 alone, a report released by finance news and analysis site Finbold states, more than 60 million euros of fines have been imposed in the EU against countries that violate GDPR, with Spain the leader in the number of fines ( 76)) and Italy had the dubious distinction of assessing the largest monetary penalties against their businesses (45.6 million euros). 

The maximum penalty against a company under that law is up to 20 million euros, or up to 4 percent of the company's global business for the previous fiscal year, whichever is higher. 

Although GDPR is possibly the most high-profile privacy law, closer to home, Quebec's Bill 64 would make that province's privacy laws the toughest in the country.

 It increases penalties for violations of the act by more than $ 25 million for the previous fiscal year or more than 4 percent of global turnover, strict requirements for notification, and "to be involved in any information systems project or electronic service delivery project Compulsory privacy assessments are included. 

Collection, use, communication, possession or destruction of personal information. 

”Like the GDPR, if data is to be transferred outside its jurisdiction, it must achieve a comparable level of protection or It cannot be transferred. 

It also defines additional rights for individuals around their data. Businesses of all sizes will be affected, and in case of a breach, the CEO will be held responsible. 

"If the 2018 Privacy Law Has been the year of. 2020 has been a year of engineering secrecy, 

"Henry says compliance is getting tougher, especially for small and medium enterprises. During his Oct. 7 presentation at Maplesque, Henry progressed in privacy law and enforcement Will discuss, and new laws What companies need to think to avoid falling. 

"In 2020, it's fair to say that science has met legislation in the area of ​​privacy," she says. "And privacy engineering has become the way privacy operates."

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