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What is 4k ready and HD ready smart technology ?

What is 4k ready and HD ready smart technology ?

These days you will see so many low budget smart TV's that are capable of playing any resolution upto 4k, These smart TV's gives an illusion that these are playing 4k videos and customer most of the times becomes fool, and end up in paying more for 4k TV. 

But beware of such hoax TV's, Actually these TV's are not playing 4k resolution but actually they are playing normal HD resolution. 

But then how there are playing 4k videos then ?

Well, these TV's have a smart technology inbuilt in them, that is called 4k ready, meaning this technology makes converts 4k resolution into normal resolution that the screen is able to play, customer will think that 4k video is playing. 
What is 4k ready Technology ?

4k ready technology is a is actually a converter, that actually converts 4k resolutions to normal resolution that a TV is capable of playing, and giving an illusion that TV is playing 4k Videos. 

Should  you buy 4k TV ?

Why not, you should buy 4k ready TV's, but at a very low price, do not become fool, if someone is saying that its a sony TV with 4k Oled resolution and price is 50k for 42 inch TV

Price range of such low budget TV's is below:
  • 4k ready 32'' smart android TV                      : 7k to 9k
  • 4k ready 43'' smart android TV                      : 10k to 12k
  • 4k ready 43'' smart android TV with OLED  : 14k to 18k
  • 4k ready 55" smart android TV                      : 22k to 26k
  • 4k ready 55'' smart android TV with OLED  : 30k to 35k

If you are buying these TV in above ranges, that its worth it, Because generally shopkeeper will not give you original bill for these TV's, But will give you 1 to 2 year local shop warranty.

These TV's comes in various brands, Sony, Samsung, LG etc. But all these are fake TV's

Actual company of these TV is "Wisdom smart TV"

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