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11 steps to impress your boss and flourish in your job - New York Times

11 steps to impress your boss and flourish in your job - New York Times

Just because you are no longer working from home does not mean that you can tell your boss that you are a trusted employee. Different managers have different expectations, but everyone may have basic best-practices that they can use to shine.

So how do you tell your boss that you are doing a good job while working from home? The New York Times introduced some rules for employees for the purpose of reviewing the glowing performance.

Paddle in one direction - review your workload with your managers to align goals.

Make sure of "what, how and when" - gather all the necessary details around a project. 5Ws and how.

Adapt to your manager's style - distribute your work according to your manager's choice. Proactively ask questions about style and format. Similarly, managers need to provide constructive feedback.

Do it before you ask - predict where the next hitch may occur and try to fix it before it happens. Nevertheless, when the situation is not clear, be sure to ask. Prediction productivity is important, but it is meaningless if the prediction is false.

Make recommendations - When asking questions, make sure to summarize the options that you have already tried or considered. No one likes broad questions without leads.

No surprise - bad news is not there to save for a good day. Today is the best day to tell.

Build Confidence - You will not track your managers down for work. Set an expectation and stick to it. If there are any hiccups, let them know immediately. No wonder

Let your manager help you - offer to take some work off your plate, but only when you are able to! In addition, prepare yourself for your role, do not go to extremely high levels of work without much pay.

Help the team - Empathy empowers the world. Your boss is human, your coworkers are human, so a little "how are you?" Can go much further.

Understand that your boss may be stressed - by elaborating on the previous point, if your boss suddenly falls apart or is difficult to reach, understand that they are facing stress like everyone else. This, of course, also applies to the manager's point of view.

Changing Negative Behavior - Indicate clearly about ambiguous management and ambiguous management such as ambiguous emails, drastic changes in schedules, and more. Calmly work towards a solution and never be personal.

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