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Canadian IoT provider collides with Sierra Wireless ransomware

Richmond, B.C-based Sierra Wireless says it hit ransomware on March 20.

In a statement this morning, the publicly traded company said it had halted production at its manufacturing sites, disrupted some internal operations and had its website offline.

The company says it believes it will resume production and resume normal operations soon. "Meanwhile, Sierra Wireless asks its customers and partners for their patience as it tries to reverse the situation," the statement said.

Until now, Sierra Wireless says the impact of the attack was limited to its systems, as the company maintains a clear separation between its internal IT systems and customer-facing products and services.

The statement said that once the company learned of the attack on its IT, the operations teams immediately implemented the attack counter-measures in accordance with established cyber security procedures and policies that would be used by third-party consultants Were developed in collaboration. These teams, with the help of third-party advisors, have addressed the attack and are currently working to bring Sierra Wireless's internal IT systems online.

The company manufactures WiFi and a wide range of embedded cellular modules and gateways for original equipment manufacturers. Units range from smart locker to everything, making HVAC systems for transporting trucks. Many CISOs will know the company through their Airlink routers and gateways. The company focuses on three markets: the industrial edge for asset monitoring; Mobile Edge for Mobile Asset Tracking; And Infrastructure Edge for Commercial Infrastructure. Through its cloud solutions for managing products and data, it earns recurring revenue.

In its annual financial statement filed on February 23, the company said it incurred losses in 2020, including foreign exchange adjustments, revenue of US $ 41 to US $ 448 million.

In November 2020 the company went out of business to manufacture embedded wireless modules for the automotive sector, selling the unit to the Hong Kong company for US $ 165 million.

The cyber attack against the company occurred in the midst of a search for a new leader. On January 21, Sierra Wireless stated that current CEO Kent Thexton plans to retire on June 30.

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