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Flexra: Cloud cost optimization a top priority for organizations - again

Flexra: Cloud cost optimization a top priority for organizations - again

Organizations agree that moving away from Aadhaar is the right step for IT, but according to The Flexra 2021 State of the Cloud * report, less than half of them use multi-cloud cost management tools and spend incorrectly. Are telling

The report's 750 survey respondents estimate that 30 percent of cloud spending is wasted, and for the fifth consecutive year, making cloud cost optimization their number one priority.

Flexra's respondents include cloud leaders from small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. Many of them are struggling to handle the financial complexities associated with software licenses and pricing options, while facing equally challenging security and governance needs across the organization.

According to the report "Respondents are not taking advantage of all cloud provider rebate options, but adoption is increasing."

Users begin adopting automatic shutdown policies for certain workloads after a few hours.

Cloud is still complicated
Ninety-nine percent of enterprises say they have a multicloud strategy, 80 percent have a hybrid cloud strategy (this is a real combination of public and private clouds), and on average, the survey found that companies use 2.6 public cloud and 2.7 private cloud She does. .

Organizational spending on the public cloud is expected to grow 39 percent over the next 12 months.

Challenges associated with rapid adoption and complexity are nothing new: 81 percent of respondents listed safety as a top challenge, with 79 percent saying cloud spending and 75 percent citing governance.

Managed service providers will be in high demand as more than half (54 percent) of enterprise workloads are expected to be in the public cloud over the next 12 months.

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