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LG has promised a three-year software update for its phone

Although its mobile division has now deteriorated, LG says it will continue to update its premium smartphones for three years starting from the year of purchase.

Eligible devices include the LG G and V series released in 2019 and later, as well as LG Velvet and LG Wing. The LG Stylo and K series will get a two-year update. Apart from this, LG will also provide one year warranty support.

According to an April 8 news release, LG on the other hand "will continue to manufacture phones to meet contractual obligations to carriers and partners." Until the inventory is reduced, its equipment will be available for purchase.

At the time of writing, select models of the LG Velvet, K and G series are available on Bell, Rogers, Telus and Freedom Mobile.

LG exited the smartphone market on April 5 after a decline in business. As stated earlier, the company is looking to refocus resources in other areas such as its smart home, AI and electric vehicle businesses.

Bluetooth devices and mobile accessories are not affected by the shutdown.

The wind-down is expected to be completed by 31 July. LG's mobile division is now gone, so its new innovations, such as the LG Wing, have made their way into Canada.