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Pat Gelsinger leaves VMware’s board of directors

Pat Gelsinger stepped out of VMware's board of directors on April 24, two months after replacing Bob Swann as Intel's chief executive officer.

As reported by CRN, Gelsinger stated in his resignation message that he made the decision "given the demands of his new position as CEO of Intel" and was a personal decision.

Intel has already made several big announcements since Gelsinger took the helm. On March 23, Intel established Intel Foundry Services and opened its semiconductor manufacturing to outside customers. Gelsinger said a dedicated business board can better understand customer needs and meet capacity commitments.

In addition, the company will invest $ 20 billion in two manufacturing plants in Arizona.

Gelsinger also announced that the company has overcome the challenges surrounding its extreme-ultraviolet lithography (EUV) process for 7nm transistors. In addition, it promised that the "majority" of its customer's wafer would be on Intel's 10nm process by Q3 2021.

VMware is also in the midst of a major restructuring in two companies as far as 81 percent of its stake in VMware.

Gelsinger worked at Intel for 30 years before becoming CEO of VMware in 2012. He was instrumental in running the company from a privately owned data center to a public cloud provider.

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