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Recap: MapleSEC Satellite Session - Learning Through Training

Recap: MapleSEC Satellite Session - Learning Through Training

With the remote workforce being the norm, it can be easy to forget that cybercity is more about people who maintain good practices and leadership than it is to emphasize it across a company and less about technology.

IT World Canada's latest MapleSEC satellite session was about training and awareness and understanding what technology works best.

It opened with a brief introduction from Lis Lapoint, Chief Executive Officer of Terranova Security. Terranova, one of the sponsors of the event, is a supplier of cybersecurity training software.

Meeting employees in the middle and allowing them to do a little training on their mobile devices - a service Terranova offers - is important to keep employees engaged and to keep in mind that training should never stop.
That mindset proved a fitting debate for the panel that followed. National Cyberspace Alliance Executive Director Moderator Calvin Coleman gave an interesting discussion to experts from across the industry.
You can learn more about that session and watch it in full here.
A Crash Course On Phishing
CISO Theo Zafarcos of Terranova Security led an informational session about the phishing attacks and which carries out a strong phishing practice.

According to Terranova Security data, North America struggled the most with the simulation, posting a 25.5 percent click rate and 18 percent overall credential submission rate. In Canada, those numbers were very similar at 24 and 17 percent respectively. Thanks to a generally strong approach to security and privacy among enterprises, workers in Europe posted very low click and submission rates at 17 and 11 percent, respectively.

No one said it right, but there are some clear signs that everyone should be present. Don't see a padlock or HTTPS encryption in the address bar? Exit that page immediately.

Zafiarkos' session on phishing can be seen in its entirety here.

The day was wrapped up with two separate workshops led by industry experts. Each workshop took place in a separate breakout room.

Three scenarios were presented for discussion groups. Polls and quizzes guided the discussion.

If you are interested in watching the entire season on-demand, you can access the MaplesSEC TV platform with your registration link (if you are already registered), and if you have not done so, you can register here Can.

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