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Day 2 Recap of Digital Transformation Week 2021 Canada

Day 2 Recap of Digital Transformation Week 2021 Canada

The second day of Digital Transformation Week is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and Quantum Computing.

The inaugural presentation "AI and Analytics Powering HR Transformation" was given by Chris Mullen, Executive Director, Workforce Institute, UKG. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and trust is emerging as one of the most popular topics in the workplace since the onset of these difficult times. Highlighting this topic, Mullen discusses how workplace trust relates to AI and how AI and data analytics as part of the HR technology stack can increase trust and get things off people's plates in real time.

Chris Mullen, executive director of the Workforce Institute, UKG, sheds light on how workplace trust relates to AI
Advanced analytics, people-driven AI, like natural language processing, can help organizations operate, manage their workforce more effectively and efficiently, Mullen says.

How to make your AI project a success
Moving forward, Bruno Morency, Managing Director of TechStars Montreal AI Accelerator, presented three keys to successful AI implementation based on his 20 years of experience working with hundreds of organizations: one - starting small, two - outside expertise, and Three - Ensuring transparent communication.

Bruno Morency, Managing Director of TechStars Montreal AI Accelerator, presents three keys to successful AI implementation
“AI is already making a profound impact in some industries, it has the potential to profoundly change the way all organizations work. Depending on how you look at it, it is either a huge risk, or a huge There is opportunity. You can imagine both at the same time,” says Morancy. “When organizations are faced with this, they feel compelled to come up with a comprehensive and ambitious corporate strategy for it. We do."

Morancy advises all of these organizations to resist the temptation to plan and implement a large organization-wide AI transformation. "Instead, start small. Find a project to get your feet wet and work from there.

Quantum technology: the future is already on its way
A panel of quantum experts later held an interesting discussion on a topic of growing interest: practical applications for quantum computing - the technology of tomorrow.

There is a lot of discussion about quantum computing in the tech community. While everyone agrees that it is powerful, there is little clarity on how effective it is going to be and what the time frame for that effect might be. Quantum computing has generated great interest around the world and many countries are exploring this technology; Canada is at the forefront of quantum R&D. The Government of Canada recently launched the National Quantum Strategy to enhance Canada's significant strength in quantum research; Develop Canada's quantum-ready technologies, companies and talent; and strengthen Canada's global leadership in the region.

Furthermore, a recent report by technical analyst IDC suggested that investment in quantum computing is on the rise. More companies are expected to devote 20 percent of their IT spending to quantum computing by 2023.

Panelists Christian Weidbrook, CEO of Canadian quantum technology company Xanadu; Timothy Hirzel, principal orchestral evangelist of Zapata Computing; And Bob Sutor, chief quantum executive of IBM, offered his thoughts on why businesses should prepare now for the impact of quantum computing. They also discussed how a hybrid approach (a mixture of classical, and quantum as well as others) might prove most effective for solving business problems.

Defeat! Don't miss: AI-powered decisions and investigations
Finally, Ronald Christopher, Senior Solutions Architect at SAS, talks about how to identify hidden market opportunities and activities within big data and how to avoid costly mistakes like missing important fraud signals, some of the major problems that exist today. facing many organizations. are one of the challenges.

Platform-based intelligence, augmented with reinforced learning systems, can help organizations solve these difficult problems, says Christopher.

They highlighted seven elements that they say can help organizations navigate through hit opportunities when employing AI-powered judgment and investigation – real-time unit and network generation; data integration using advanced analytics or artificial intelligence; data search and discovery; visual modeling; model training; AI-powered decisions; And the artificial intelligence of things.

The second day of ITWC's Digital Transformation Week was dedicated to navigating these complex waters and highlighting some of the real-life applications of AI, data analytics and quantum computing in business.

And the winners were announced...
Two awards were presented on Wednesday: the Digital Transformation Award in the Large Public Sector category and the Digital Transformation Award in the Large Private Sector category.

Mackenzie Health wins 2021 award in large public sector division. Mackenzie partnered with Compugen to build the digital infrastructure for Canada's first smart hospital. Courtellucci Vaughan Hospital in Vaughan, Ont. There are over 6,500 sensors to securely track patient movements, 700 connected iPhones to enable real-time patient notifications, and thousands of edge devices to capture patient data.

Bruce Power won the 2021 award in the Large Private Sector Division. As Canada's only private sector nuclear power generator, Bruce Power produces 30 percent of Ontario's electricity annually. Facing an end-of-life scenario in 2015, it received approval to continue through 2064 – but things were still moving beyond the 20-year enterprise asset management system. With the help of IBM Maximo and Shiny Docs, Bruce Power used analytics and cognitive tools to condense 15 million disparate documents with real business value into three million.

a glimpse of the third day
Here are some questions that Digital Transformation from a CIO perspective, on the third day of Digital Transformation Week, will answer:

What are the CIOs thinking?
What is their outlook for maintaining the DX momentum of the last 16 months?
The CIO of the Year Awards will also be presented during today's event in collaboration with the CIO Association of Canada. Register now to tune in to the upcoming season!

Missed Day 1? we've got you covered!
The inaugural session of the Digital Transformation Week conference highlighted best practice tips on issues ranging from hybrid work to emerging safety challenges in the changing workplace.

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