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Accenture hit by LockBit ransomware, claims "no effect"

Accenture hit by LockBit ransomware, claims "no effect"
Global consulting firm Accenture on Wednesday became the victim of a ransomware attack by a gang called Lockbit 2.0.

As first reported on Twitter by CNBC's Eamon Jevers, the attackers claim they assisted an insider and offered to sell the stolen data if the ransom was not paid. Australian security firm Cyble later tweeted that 6TB of data had been stolen, and that the ransom demand was US$50 million.

Last night, the attackers released about 2,400 files after the payment deadline passed, but Javers tweeted what appeared to be case studies, quotes and PowerPoint, and a security researcher later tweeted that no client data. Was seen. After the data was made public, the ransom timer was reset; That countdown will end late afternoon.

CNN Business quoted an Accenture spokesperson as saying that the attack had taken place, but did not confirm that it was ransomware. The statement said,

“Through our security controls and protocols, we identified unregulated activity in one of our environments. We immediately brought the issue under control and isolated the affected servers. We completely restored our affected systems from the back up. Accenture There was no impact on the operations or systems of our customers."

IT World Canada has reached out to Accenture for comment and will update this story as more information becomes available. stay tuned.

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