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Pan-Canadian AI Strategy | Canada News IT World of canada

Pan-Canadian AI Strategy | Canada News IT World of canada

The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning revolution is well advanced and Canada is at the forefront. From world-class academic institutions and market-leading technology companies to world-renowned researchers, Canada's AI ecosystem is a leader in global AI development.

To drive this growth and maintain its leadership position, Canada launched a $ 125 million pan-Canadian AI strategy in 2017, making it the first country to launch a national AI strategy.

The Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy is designed to advance Canada's existing AI ecosystem by:

Increase the number of highly qualified researchers and graduates;
enhance research capabilities and discoveries through collaboration across three centers of excellence;
Demonstrate global leadership around the economic, ethical, political, and legal implications of advancements in AI technologies; Y
Support a national AI research community.

The pan-Canadian AI strategy is based on a partnership between the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and three centers of excellence: the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) in Edmonton, the Vector Institute in Toronto, and the Montreal Institute for Excellence in Learning. algorithm in Montreal. (met). Together, they provide support, resources and talent for innovation and investment in AI.

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To learn more about how Canada is shaping AI innovation on a global scale, visit CIFAR.

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