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Microsoft's First Windows 11 Commercial Features Master Chief Blows Stuff

Microsoft's First Windows 11 Commercial Features Master Chief Blows Stuff

Microsoft is launching its first advertising campaign for Windows 11 today. The 60-second TV commercial is set by Odessa to "All Start Now" and features the new Microsoft Store, Master Chief from the world of Helo, Microsoft Teams and more.

Explaining what a new version of Windows will bring to consumers has never been easier, and Microsoft has opted for a similar approach to its first Xbox Series X commercial. An actress walks through the walls of the apps and selects Xbox Game Pass, prompting Master Chief to reveal and detonate Halo Banshee from the sky.

The new Bloom default wallpaper in Windows 11 also appears with the built-in Microsoft Teams experience. Microsoft's commercial focuses less on Windows 11 features, and more on making the OS beautiful. I think it's largely a matter of fact, though. Microsoft has spent a lot of time changing the design and visuals in Windows 11, with the aim of simplifying its operating system. The ad's tagline is "brings you closer to what you love," possibly clearing up some of the clutter in Windows today.

Microsoft now plans to launch Windows 11 on October 5th, with new devices from partners and even Surface hardware. Microsoft will hold a separate Surface event on September 22, where we're expecting to see devices like a new Surface Go 3, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X, and a new Surface Book that's ready for Windows 11.

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