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Snapchat says Pixel 6 is the 'fastest phone to make a snap'

Snapchat says Pixel 6 is the 'fastest phone to make a snap'

At today's Pixel event, Google detailed the Pixel 6 series of devices and outlined a brand new feature that will make sending snaps even faster. The new feature, called Quick Tap to Snap, adds the camera-only version of Snapchat directly to the Pixel's lock screen.

To access it, all you have to do is double-tap the back of your phone and the Snapchat camera will open. From there, you can take a picture without having to unlock your device – all you need to do is authenticate your identity to send the snap.

In addition to Quick Tap to Snap, Google is also working on special augmented reality lenses, as well as adding Live Translate to Snapchat. This means that users will be able to translate their conversations in real-time using the app.

Google's partnership with Snapchat isn't that surprising, given that Google actually attempted to buy Snapchat in the past. Now that Snapchat is built into the Pixel, Google may see this as a small victory.

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