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HBO Max accidentally added the TV-14 version of Birds of Prey

HBO Max accidentally added the TV-14 version of Birds of Prey

HBO accidentally added a censored version of Birds of Prey (and Harley Quinn's spectacular liberation) to its streaming service, but said it would soon replace it with an R-rated version, as reported by CBR Is .

Johanna Fuentes, head of communications at HBO's parent company WarnerMedia, confirmed that there are two versions of the film: a clean one for broadcast cable and an unedited version for streaming. Fuentes noted that Birds of Prey will be "updated to Max" and that only the uncensored version will be shown on the platform. When exactly that will happen, a tweet from HBO Max suggests the platform has "no idea" when it will get the unedited version back.

As CBR notes, the uncensored version was previously available on HBO Max until it went off the stage sometime on November 14. Since its return, audiences quickly noticed that despite being labeled as Rated-R for "signal dialogue, language" and "violence", the film featured dubbed-overs and blurred-out swear words (CBR). ) is shown. via). It also shows Harley Quinn making peace signs with both her hands instead of flapping the bird.

Most notably, the film opens with a warning that reads, "This film has been modified from its original version as follows: It has been edited for content." This is the same message that appears at the beginning of the TV-14 version airing on TNT, as reported by CBR.

Some fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that HBO Max intentionally censored the flick, although HBO had long been considered a network for fast content. However, HBO has held onto some of its content in the past, such as when it removed ranchier titles like Cathouse and Real Sex from HBO Go in 2018. Recently, HBO Max quietly replaced the poster for the classic horror film The Evil Dead. , , the artwork, which originally depicted a hand rising out of the water and holding a woman by her throat, has been changed to remove the hand from the image.

The Verge reached out to WarnerMedia with a request for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

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