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Bungie celebrates its 30th anniversary in Destiny 2 with off-brand Halo Gear

Bungie celebrates its 30th anniversary in Destiny 2 with off-brand Halo Gear

There's a lot happening in the world of Destiny 2 today. Bungie is celebrating its 30th anniversary inside Destiny 2 with a huge content drop that includes guns like Halo. A trailer for Destiny 2's new Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack shows off a Magnum-like sidearm in Destiny 2, as well as the Battle Rifle-like Pulse Rifle in the looter shooter.

Both guns look and feel like the original Halo weapons, but there is no mention of an official crossover with Microsoft anywhere. It doesn't appear that Bungie secured the official rights from Microsoft to build the actual Halo gun originally in Destiny 2 and has instead done a good job at making replicas that nod to the past.

A description on Bungie's website for a Magnum-like gun reads, "Reunite with an alien sidearm you might recognize from a very first adventure." "It glorified you then and it will do the same again." The foreign sidearm is called the Forerunner, and the battle rifle-like weapon is named the BxR-55 Battler. There's even armor for the Titan that includes armor for a warlock featuring Needler-style shoulder pads and a halo ring. Loot like Halo doesn't even require Destiny 2 players to own the 30th Anniversary Pack.

The 30th Anniversary Pack also includes a new six-person activity (which is separately free to all players) with armor and weapons, Greedy Dungeon comprehension, and the return of the infamous Gjallerhorn rocket launcher. Bungie is also bringing back classic weapons like the Matador 64, Iasluna, and the 1000-yard Steyr, which can be earned with the 30th Anniversary Pack, along with some massive changes to the player-versus-player sandbox.

If that's not enough nostalgia for Bungie's classic games, there's even a Myth Claymore (Myth) and Marathon (marathon) armor ornament set.

There's even a Space Horse, an NPC who will be housed inside a giant loot cave where players will earn some of the new weapons and armor they are today. The mysterious space horse was first seen in Destiny 2 during the season of Drifter, and has some links to the Nine, a mysterious faction inside Destiny's universe.

With some great-looking armor, cosmetics, and jewelry, it looks like Destiny 2 is getting a big injection of content in the middle of a season that leads to the next big expansion: The Witch Queen. The game's biggest expansion in years, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, will launch on February 22. This will see players eventually encounter Savathon, and will continue the story of the science-fiction space series.

The Witch Queen expansion will include significant changes to existing subclasses, campaign materials, weapons, armor, and a new raid, as well as a new location, the Throne World of Sawathan. In an unusually long season for Destiny 2, the 30th Anniversary Pack should hopefully keep players on hold until February.

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