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Instagram launches playback so you can relive your favorite stories from 2021

Instagram launches playback so you can relive your favorite stories from 2021

Instagram is getting into the review trend year after year with Playback, a feature that will let you relive your stories from 2021 onwards. Instagram will share a curated playback of 10 stories for each user, but anyone can edit, add or remove stories. Via their stories collection from their playback list, which will pop up within Playback.

Users will see a message in their Instagram feed inviting them to create playback, and if they see a 2021 story they want to add, users can click on the "2021" sticker to view and share their playback. can. can do.

While playback is likely to be popular, especially with power Instagram users looking to re-promote their favorite stories, it's little surprise that Instagram hasn't adopted a simple end-of-year feature that's been there in the past. Has been popular: "Top Nine" photo grid.

Third-party apps have offered variations of the top nine year-end photo grids for Instagram users for many years, but often at the cost of personal information like email addresses. Instagram has built-in tools that allow users to create photo grids, but has yet to offer a year-in-review version. Even Facebook, part of the same parent company as Instagram, offers an automatic look-behind video (whether users want one or not).

And let's face it: Most apps and platforms still fail to replicate the popularity of Spotify's wrapped end-of-year feature, which lets users view and share their top songs, artists, and genres.

The company said on Thursday that playback is available as a limited feature for all Instagram users for the next few weeks.

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