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American Airlines sues The Points Guy over app that syncs frequent flyer data

American Airlines sues The Points Guy over app that syncs frequent flyer data

American Airlines has filed a lawsuit against travel tips site The Points Guy, claiming that the site violated the terms of use of its frequent flyer program by offering an app that allows users to access multiple airlines in one place. allows access. Allows you to track airline miles by preventing The Points Guy from accessing or using American Airlines customer data and allowing its users to access their own accounts through the TPG app or site. American is also seeking to stop The Points Guy from displaying the American Airlines logo and other trademarks.

The TPG app, released in September 2021, "helps users learn about points, miles and loyalty programs, as well as help them discover what they need to do while maximizing their earning potential and allowing the world to see." How to burn earned points and miles efficiently." It helps to know me."

The app allows users to link different Frequent Flyer accounts together. In the case of American Airlines, the TPG app prompts you to enter your Advantage number, your password, and your last name inside the app.

The lawsuit filed by American Airlines alleges that the TPG app encourages members of its AAdvantage program to collectively violate its Terms of Use by handing over their user logins to unauthorized third parties.

The airline says that login allows The Points Guy to "invade US servers, access users' accounts, and collect and extract proprietary data" in violation of US terms and conditions. The complaint accuses The Points Guy of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, an anti-hacking statute, by doing so. In addition, the suit covers lawsuits for other offenses such as breach of contract, trespass, trademark infringement and copyright infringement (for displaying the American Airlines logo).

American Airlines representative Amanda Kuss said in a statement emailed to The Verge that Red Ventures, the parent company of The Points Guy, "aa. She said American Airlines "takes customer data and proprietary information incredibly seriously, and Wants to make sure it's safe and secure."

According to a press release, The Points Guy sued American Airlines in Delaware after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the airline, which claimed that the airline "prevented the media platform from providing cost- and time-saving benefits". tried." Points Guy App for Consumers."

Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, said, “On The Points Guy app, consumers are always in control of their data – they decide which loyalty programs and credit cards to use to make their points-and-miles journey easier. can be accessed from." The statement was emailed to The Verge. The site is "on behalf of passengers choosing to fight against American Airlines to protect their rights to access points and miles so they can travel better."

The Verge asked The Points Guy in an email if the TPG app stores Advantage passwords. "As authorized by our users, The Points Guy stores the information necessary to enable account syncing, similar to any finance or travel app," Becca Mannheimer, the company's director of communications, said in a reply email. She said The Points Guy had given American the option to audit its security, and the company declined. American Airlines is asking the courts to block The Points Guy from allowing users to log into AAdvantage through the TPG app or website and from storing AAdvantage passwords and other member information. It is also seeking to legally block The Points Guy from displaying American's "copyright material" – that is, the American Airlines logo.

The lawsuit seeks statutory damages and additional unspecified damages for trademark and copyright violations, including any "'wrong earnings and profits' that The Points Guy may derive from US customers and their data."

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