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Eve has added a smart floodlight cam and smart shaders to its HomeKit portfolio

Eve has added a smart floodlight cam and smart shaders to its HomeKit portfolio

Smart home company Eve Systems this week announced the availability of its first outdoor camera and thread-powered smart shades at CES 2022.

The $250 Eve Outdoor Cam, a floodlight camera designed for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, launched on April 5, 2022 and features 1080p video, 157-degree field of view, infrared night vision, and infrared motion at distances of up to 100 degrees Detection is included. , It is done. 30 ft. The Wi-Fi powered camera connects to the Eve Cam, the company's indoor camera.

This is the second HomeKit Secure Video-compatible smart floodlight camera to be launched; A floodlight camera is an outdoor security camera with motion-activated floodlights attached. The Netatmo Outdoor Camera is the second option currently available (the Arlo has a HomeKit floodlight camera, but it doesn't work with the HKSV).

There are some major hardware differences between these two HKSV cameras: The Eve version doesn't have a siren, which is an option over the Netatmo one. But the Eve offers two-way communication with a built-in microphone and speakers, which Netatmo doesn't.

The Eve camera is also very small - just 6.7 inches high, 2.6 inches wide and 6.3 inches deep. It is smaller than the Netatmo, although they both share a similar aesthetic, abandoning the traditional "googly" eye look of the floodlight cam (where the two lights are separated from the camera), in favor of a sleeker, more streamlined design. With built in. , High power lighting.

The disadvantage of this is that you have less flexibility with the position of the floodlights. But Eve CEO Jerome Gackel told The Verge that the lights are "super bright," though the exact lumens have not been disclosed.

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