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Neil Young says he 'felt better' after leaving Spotify and its 'shitty' sound quality

Neil Young says he 'felt better' after leaving Spotify and its 'shitty' sound quality

Even after leaving the platform, Neil Young has yet to criticize Spotify. Today, the rock legend has published another paper on its website, describing Spotify as the harbinger of "more songs and less sound". Young says he "felt better" after pulling his music catalog from the major streaming music service earlier this week, noting that he strongly opposes censorship and that "private companies have the right to choose what they want." What do they want?" What can they take advantage of, because I can choose not to support my music on a platform that spreads harmful information."

Throughout the latest post, Young - a longtime advocate of hi-fi sound - heavily criticizes Spotify for its poor audio quality. “Amazon, Apple Music, and Cubase today deliver up to 100 percent music [quality] and it sounds so much better than Spotify’s frankly degraded and neutered sound,” he said, “if you support Spotify, that’s it. You can get a ton of music." Destroying the art form." Young asked his fans to "move to a new place that really cares about the quality of music." It can be hard to persuade to care about fidelity, with many people unable to tell the difference between Spotify's "high quality" level and something like true lossless — especially for Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, and speakers. With. (Bluetooth is something Young touched on as well.)

Since his exit from Spotify, competing services such as Apple Music have seized the opportunity to advertise Young's catalogue. Apple calls itself "the home of Neil Young," though it seems Young also rooted for the much smaller Cubase, which has pushed hi-fi sound since its launch. Young continues to ignore Tidal altogether, which is frankly cruel because Tidal led the lossless streaming wave before Amazon and Apple got involved.

Spotify's failure to roll out the lossless streaming tier, which it first announced a year ago, has left the door open for Young to continue condemning the service's audio quality. The company initially said that HiFi would be available by the end of 2021, but that deadline has come and gone, and Spotify has since declined to give a new deadline for when HiFi might become available.

In his note, Young mentioned directly to Spotify CEO Daniel Eck, explaining that he met Ek in the service's early days. "I felt like he was really going to get into it. Don't know what would have happened." Young closed by saying that he is happy and proud of his decision, which he says is to show solidarity with health care workers and others who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Working to save lives during "As an unexpected bonus, I feel better everywhere".

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