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YouTube CEO hints at possible NFT features

YouTube CEO hints at possible NFT features

YouTube can work on NFT. In a letter published today, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki suggested that the company may consider branching out into NFTs as another source of revenue for creators in the future.

“We are always focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help creators and fans take advantage of emerging technologies, including things like NFTs, to strengthen and enhance the experience on YouTube.”

The details were part of Wojcicki's latest letter to the YouTube community, which outlines the areas the company plans to invest in, such as gaming and shopping, and how it plans to support creators. Wojcicki said YouTube is looking at Web3 "as a source of inspiration", noting particularly opportunities with crypto, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and NFTs.

YouTube's hints at potential NFTs are in line with other platforms that have recently launched their own versions or are rumored to be considering an NFT feature. Twitter now offers a way for users who own a special JPEG to "show off their prized possessions" via a hexagonal profile picture. Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is said to be building something similar where users can display their own tokens. A marketplace for NFTs is reportedly also in the works.

YouTube didn't provide additional details about what NFT features might look like at the company.

The creators of some viral YouTube videos have already made them NFT and sold them on their own. Charlie Bit Me NFT, which depicts a child biting his brother's finger, was auctioned off last year, selling for $761,000. David After Dentist, a video of a child distraught after anesthesia, was sold as NFT for over $11,000.

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