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Xbox Cloud Gaming now supports Steam Deck via Microsoft Edge

Xbox Cloud Gaming now supports Steam Deck via Microsoft Edge

Microsoft says it has teamed up with Valve to get Xbox Cloud Gaming working on the Steam deck. While Steam Deck users are able to access the Xbox game streaming service, it was not possible to use the handheld controls to play the game. Microsoft has now released a beta version of Microsoft Edge for the Steam deck that includes full support.

Missy Quarry, a community manager for Microsoft Edge, says, “We teamed up with Valve and the Xbox Cloud Gaming team to bring support for Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via the Microsoft Edge beta for Steam Deck. Worked. It's done." "We're particularly excited about this because we think it could open up new opportunities in the Linux gaming community."

While many Xbox Game Studio titles are able to be played natively on Steam Deck, Xbox Game Pass isn't available on Steam, so customers will have to stream titles from Microsoft's service instead.

The Linux version of Microsoft Edge now includes support for Steam Deck Control and is available from the Discover Software Center portion of SteamOS. Microsoft also has detailed instructions for creating the link for Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Steam deck to make it easier to access in the future.

Microsoft's latest Steam Deck support for Xbox cloud gaming comes just weeks after the company expanded its Xbox Game Studio titles to the handheld. Steam Deck is now also capable of running Windows, which provides another way to access Xbox Game Pass titles. Valve CEO Gabe Newell has said he is "more than happy" to help Microsoft bring PC Game Pass to Steam, but until that happens, Xbox cloud gaming and Windows on Steam decks are the only viable ways. Huh. Huh.

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