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Latest Pixel Watch spec rumors show Google is trying to make a flagship

Latest Pixel Watch spec rumors show Google is trying to make a flagship

It looks like Google's upcoming Pixel Watch will be a flagship set to compete with Samsung's latest Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch, according to new specs leaked by 9to5Google. As reported by 9to5, you'll get a cellular version of the wearable and will have a 300 milliamp-hour (mAh) battery.

This didn't mean there would be a cellular option for the Pixel Watch. Some low-end smartwatches, and even some high-end fitness-focused models, rely on your phone for connectivity. If the rumor is accurate and there is a cellular Pixel Watch model, it reinforces the idea that Google isn't trying to make its watch a smaller or cheaper alternative — it wants mass-market appeal.

As far as the battery is concerned, its physical capacity seems just right for how big the watch is. However, it's nearly impossible to tell if a milliamp-hour rating means how long it will last between charges.

When Dan Seifert, review editor for The Verge, compared the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm, he found they had different levels of endurance. One day, the Galaxy Watch ran out of juice, while the Apple Watch was at 52 percent (though the next day it was able to power out the Galaxy after a few hours). And yet the Apple Watch's battery isn't that big; It has 284mAh capacity, while the Galaxy battery is 247mAh.

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