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Polestar now supports Apple CarPlay after over-the-air software update

Polestar now supports Apple CarPlay after over-the-air software update

Polestar, one of the first automakers to adopt Google's Android automotive operating system for its electric vehicles, is now throwing a bone to all iOS users. The company announced that its Polestar 2 electric sedan now supports Apple CarPlay, thanks to a recent over-the-air software update.

Those who own both a Polestar 2 and an iPhone will now be able to mirror their phone's display on the vehicle's 11-inch portrait-oriented touchscreen. In addition to accessing some of its apps, CarPlay users will also be able to use Siri to change music or find locations on Apple Maps.

The introduction of CarPlay support is interesting as Polestar has made a name for itself by establishing a direct link to Apple's main rival, Google. In addition to burning its reputation for gorgeous minimalist design and powerful electric performance, the automaker's decision to use Google's native Android OS was seen as a potential game changer in the world of automotive software.

The most fun part of playing Polestar is playing it, but there's more to it. Our latest over-the-air update for Polestar 2 comes with Apple CarPlay, which allows Polestar owners with an iPhone to change music, use apps, and communicate via Siri or the infotainment system allows for.

Car companies have built infotainment systems on Android in the past, but they essentially had to fork open-source operating systems and build their own solutions on top. A big advantage of this embedded approach is that customers have instant access to Android Auto-approved apps like Google Maps, Play Music or Google Assistant without having to use their smartphone.

Another is that it has access to the car's functions, which means it can control climate settings or send you maintenance alerts. This basic version of Android is also updateable, meaning Polestar and Google may push out over-the-air software updates to improve functions long after the car is sold.

But, for those who prefer to live their digital lives exclusively within Apple's software ecosystem, Polestar is ready to accommodate you. In addition, the company has said that it will support a more elaborate next-generation version of Apple's CarPlay, which will be displayed on every screen available.

Much of the auto industry is taking a wait-and-see approach to Apple's more pressing approach to the future of CarPlay. But not Polestar.

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