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Here's One Last Look Before the Cadillac Celestik's Full Disclosure

Here's One Last Look Before the Cadillac Celestik's Full Disclosure

Cadillac is offering one final teaser of the Cadillac Celestik ahead of its full show later this week. The ultra-luxe EV will soon join the Lyric and become the second full-blown EV from GM's luxury division, though the Celestique is expected to be in its own class, priced around $300,000 and could start with 500. -units-per year production target.

"Each Celestik will be instantly recognized as one of a kind, giving each customer a personal connection to Cadillac's latest flagships," said Erin Crosley, Cadillac's Director of Design for Celestik. The EV will be hand-built with "globally sourced parts" at GM's Global Technology Center in Warren, Michigan.

The Celestiq is built on GM's flexible Altium EV architecture, the same platform that enables a targeted EPA range of over 300 miles for the now-in-production Cadillac Lyriq and is also used in the GMC Hummer and BrightDrop delivery vehicles . What will set the Celestiq apart from its cousins ​​is its new Ultra Supercruise autonomous driving technology powered by Qualcomm, which will play a part in the company's lofty goal of launching fully autonomous vehicles by the middle of the decade.

The Celestiq will be revealed on July 22 at 9 a.m. ET via General Motors Design Instagram, though news of its actual availability will still come later. For now, you can check out the previous teaser images and also check out the automaker's steering-wheel optional innerspace concept.

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