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How to Use Multi-Stop Routing in iOS 16 Using Apple Maps

How to Use Multi-Stop Routing in iOS 16 Using Apple Maps

Whenever I plan a trip, especially a road trip that lasts more than a day, I always plan for more than one stop. Not only bathrooms and dining holidays, but interesting attractions, public parks and nature preserves, friends who can stay along the route - I like to include them all.

Until recently, if I was using an iPhone, I'd shun Apple Maps in favor of Google Maps for iOS, which has the ability to create multi-stop maps since 2016. Finally, though, in iOS 16, Apple Maps allows you. Plan a route with multiple stops. It is a cinch to use.

open apple maps
Enter your starting and ending points. Maps will calculate your route (or route, if there are options).
In text directions, tap Add Stop and add the location, address or contact you want to go to.
The new stop will be automatically added to the bottom of your list. If you want it to be a stop along the way, tap and hold the three lines to the right of the place name, and drag it to where you want it in your list of destinations.
If you decide you want to remove a stop, swipe it to the left.
Each time you make a change, your map will be redrawn, and your new stop will appear in its proper place (or disappear if you've removed it). The map will also show the estimated travel time between each stop.

Enjoy your trip!

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