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Instacart's rewards program for shoppers includes priority choice of orders before store opens

Instacart's rewards program for shoppers includes priority choice of orders before store opens

Delivery service Instacart is launching a new Uber Pro-like incentive program for its shoppers called Cart Star. Kart Star level incentives are available in three categories: gold (for 200 points); Platinum (for 1,000 points); and Diamond (for 2,000 marks). Buyers earn points based on the number of orders completed in the last three month period. To maintain their place in the program, buyers must hold an average customer rating of 4.7.

The company's highest diamond tier offers more exclusive benefits. Diamond buyers will be able to access the delivery batch before the store opens. They'll also get access to two days of care for one child, senior, or pet per quarter for a cost of $1 per hour or $10 per day through Instacart's partnership with

Instacart says buyers of Platinum and Diamond carts will be identified by informing customers about the status of the buyer, the number of purchase orders placed and the amount of time the shopper has been on the platform. Thanks to better rewards for higher tiers through partnerships with third-party companies Upside and CarAdvise, shoppers at all levels receive cash back on gas and discounts on car maintenance.

Instacart recently rolled out changes for shoppers who have been vying for the service as it tries to keep up with growth while increasing competition for gig workers. In April, the company took steps to protect customers from "tip-baiting" practices, which used to tip large amounts when placing orders and later eliminated it without citing any real issues. Most recently, in May, the company announced that it would filter out negative ratings from "hard to please" customers who often give low ratings. On the customer side, it recently introduced Instacart Plus, a refreshed version of its Instacart Express subscription.

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