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Twitter is testing alerts to remind you to add alternative text to images

Twitter is testing alerts to remind you to add alternative text to images

Twitter today will begin testing a long-awaited accessibility feature: reminders to add alt text or alt text to image posts.

Alt text is a written description of what the image contains and why it is important. People who use screen readers, such as blind and low vision users, rely on alternative text to understand Tweets that contain a picture – think memes, screenshots of headlines, flyers for events, and more . Currently, anyone can compose and add alternative text to photos and GIFs uploaded to Twitter, but this is not required, and it takes a few clicks to add.

Twitter spokesman Shaoki Amado says the feature will be launched today on iOS, Android and the web, starting with a small group of users, with a wider rollout planned in the coming weeks. This feature is opt-in, and users will be able to turn it on or off in the settings. Amdo says the reminder will appear as a pop-up before a photo is posted without alt text, similar to a pop-up that encourages users to read an article before retweeting it. Is.

Blind users and accessibility activists have asked for optional text reminders for some time, among other features that would make the platform more useful for people with disabilities.

In April, Twitter introduced an alt text badge, a small "ALT" marking in the corner of images and GIFs that contain alt text. The badge makes it easy for everyone - not just people using screen readers - to find and view the added details. Before badges, finding alternative text could be difficult without a screen reader. Now, when users click on the Alt Text badge, the added details appear in a pop-up.

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