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Apple is building an ad network around its Major League Soccer deal

Apple is building an ad network around its Major League Soccer deal

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is building out an ad network as part of its deal to begin streaming Major League Soccer (MLS) games next year. Sources familiar with the situation told the outlet that Apple is in talks with advertisers and MLS sponsors to display ads during soccer games and "related shows."

Apple signed a 10-year deal with MLS in June and will begin streaming soccer games through its Apple TV app in February 2023. While the company plans to offer a separate, Sunday Ticket-like subscription dedicated to streaming each MLS game, it says it will provide a "wide selection" of MLS and League Cup matches for Apple TV Plus subscribers, including " Limited numbers", which will be available for free.

There's no pricing information yet about standalone subscriptions, but, as noted by Bloomberg, Apple plans to include advertising for all MLS viewers, including Season Pass holders, Apple TV Plus subscribers, and more. Many are included. Free viewing included. It expands on the ads Apple already slips into its Friday night baseball games, and pushes tirelessly into advertising.

In August, Bloomberg reported that Apple's advertising business generates about $4 billion in revenue annually, and the company is looking to bring that number to double digits. One solution the company is reportedly considering is advertising on the iPhone in other areas, such as in the Maps, Podcasts and Books apps.

It's already brought more ads to the App Store, which now appear in the Today tab and in "You might also like" sections at the bottom of app listings. The move drew criticism from developers, who quickly noticed ads for gambling apps appearing on App Store product pages. Apple has since blocked App Store ads related to gambling and "certain other categories," but has yet to come forward with a plan to address the issue.

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