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Overdrive Library eBook app is shutting down on May 1st

Overdrive Library eBook app is shutting down on May 1st

Starting May 1, Overdrive app users who still use it to digitally access the library's collection will need to upgrade to Libby, a new app from the same company that lets you rent library e-books for free. Is.

Overdrive's digital platform debuted in 2002 and continued to operate separately until the launch of Libby in 2017. Overdrive is often accessed through the library's own Overdrive website instance, but the app effectively has the same purpose of distributing publisher books digitally, like Libby, for free.

The Overdrive app was removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store as of February 23, 2022. The company said it started showing in-app discontinuation messages in July.

Some aspects of the legacy Overdrive experience will continue, as explained in this FAQ: Those who already have the Mac or Windows desktop version of Overdrive can still download audiobooks from the library at can reach. Will be able to reach the places. These books can also be transferred to dedicated MP3 players, keeping them accessible to those who need them – although the company won't be providing any new downloads of the software.

According to the company, the idea of ceasing development and shutting down Overdrive is to focus the company's development teams solely on Libby. There was a built-in redundancy in running two apps that essentially did the same thing, and the company says it would make it easier for libraries to promote their digital content and train users.

However, there are some differences between Libby and Overdrive, and some features such as Overdrive's library feature would be recommended. The company says that Libby has a Notify Me feature that alerts me to specific titles and other features such as support for multiple library cards, a unified bookshelf for all loans and holds, compatibility with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and more indicates interest in can help to do.

Overdrive is helping libraries prepare for the transition by sharing an online resource kit to help staff and library goers transition to Libby. US libraries have had to bear the burden of an accelerated digital transition over the past few years due to Covid, and both Libraries and Overdrive have dealt with the pressures of publishing powerhouses like Amazon. Now, Libby is one of the few free ways to read and listen to books, which can be an essential way to gain knowledge and a vital refuge when you need it most.


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