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Clockwork Revolution is a new steampunk RPG from Microsoft's InXile

Clockwork Revolution is a new steampunk RPG from Microsoft's InXile

At its Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, Microsoft debuted a trailer for a new steampunk RPG from its inexile Entertainment studio called Clockwork Revolution.

Here's a rundown of the game from the details in the reveal trailer:

Clockwork Revolution is a time-bending steampunk first-person RPG. After stumbling upon an incredible invention that allows you to travel into the past, you discover the city you call home - the vibrant steam-powered metropolis of Avalon - cautioning you through a series of historical events Designed to navigate from. By traveling back to key moments, your interactions and choices will have a butterfly effect on Avalon's deep, narrative-driven world and characters, causing them to change and react in unprecedented ways.

Microsoft shared a bit more details in a post on the Xbox Wire blog. Brian Fargo, Head of InXile Entertainment Studios, said, "It's a fantasy, first-person action RPG, featuring dynamic time-bending combat, a deeply immersive roleplaying system and the ability to create your own unique character from the ground up." " Post. The post also included some details on the game's story, which looks like it could be a mind-bending and time-bending tale.

Unfortunately, there is no release window for the game yet. In a blog post, Fargo described what we saw on Sunday as a "pre-alpha sneak peek," so we may be waiting a while to actually play the game for ourselves. The game will be released on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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